Wednesday, April 3, 2013

We're Back; with Project #2

Hi there, Nancy here, aka mom or grandma. Since this project was one of my "picks" I get the privilege of sharing with you our attempt at it. So here we go.....
Our project this month was to make a "Spoon Bracelet" like this one we found on Pinterest.
 We scoured our local thrift stores for cutlery that had pretty patterns on the handles. Jasmine, (she is wonderful at thinking outside of the box) decided to try using the handle of  a Sterling Silver serving dish. She also already had some odd pieces of sterling silverware to work with.  The rest of us ended up using just ordinary Stainless Steel forks and spoons. Here is a close up of one of my finished bracelets.
 To cut the handles we used bolt cutters. They worked like a charm!
 The drilling of the holes was done with a drill using a small bit. We used both a metal file and a Dremel to smooth the rough edges.
 The hardest part of making these bracelets was SMOOTHLY bending the handle. We tried using vice grips and pliers but found it very hard not to end up with a real crink in it rather than a smooth bend. Using a propane torch to heat the handle first proved to be the best method.  The handle does get extremely hot so you must wear gloves and hold the handle with vice grips. Heat handle until it changes colour and then using another set of vice grips bend very slowly and with gentle pressure until you get the shape you desire. The discolouring was easily buffed off.
The rest is very simple, just add jump rings as needed, a closure at the back and if you want a charm, beads, etc. to to dress up the front.
Here are a few photos of our finished projects.

 {this one was made from a Silver Handled Dish - Jazz just cut off the handle and bent it around a rolling pin to create this cuff}

We all agreed that this was a fun much so that we ended up making 4 or 5 bracelets each!

 For MAY'S PROJECT we will be making serving/cake plates like these ones! 
Supplies Needed:
1 old glass or metal plate (whatever size you want) for the top
1 old glass or metal vase, (glass, small bowl, etc.), for the bottom
Adhesive for glass /metal
Spray Paint

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out ALL of our UPCOMING PROJECTS on PINTEREST!

The Girls

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