Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dessert Time!

Well, we've completed another Very, Very {P}interesting project and now we are ready to share it with you! This project was one of Jasmine's picks but since she is super busy right now she asked if I would do the post, {hey that's what Moms are for!}, so here we go.
This month we made Cake/Dessert Serving Plates using old vases, glasses, bowls and plates. Once again we found all of the items either in our own basements or at a Thrift Store. Some were made of glass, others from tin. {Season tried using a couple of rectangular plates that were made of plastic but they didn't work that well}. We washed all of the dishes and let them dry thoroughly. Then we glued the base {ie. an ice cream dish, wine glass, vase, etc.} to the top {ie. a torte tin, ceramic plate, salad plate, etc} using E6000 adhesive. By mistake we bought one that was black adhesive...next time we would make sure it was the white. We let the glue dry for the recommended. 24 hours. For painting we used both Krylon and Liquitex spray paints. We found that we liked the Liquitex better in that the colour was truer to the shade on the cap and it just seemed richer. It took about 3 thin coats to get the intensity of colour we wanted. After the pieces were completely dry we sprayed them with a clear coat. So without further ado here are some pics...
To protect the surrounding area we placed the items in a cardboard box while painting
For this one Season used a tin plate and tall vase
Here they are drying in the sunshine
Our finished Dessert Servers in all shapes, sizes and colours!
Jasmine made this dainty, lavender one using a brandy glass and tea cup saucer
I made this one using a salad plate and ice cream dish
This is a photo of 3 stacked on top of each other, which would be very pretty as a center piece.

Once again this was a fun and easy project. The only thing we would do different is the time of year. In order to spray paint you need to do it outdoors and we found it was just too cold the day we did this. Definitely a warm, sunny day project!

 So what's next you ask..... Birdhouses! 
{Hopefully something like this one on PINTEREST}

Pinned Image


Something for the "Body" of your birdhouse {with the holes drilled}
Something for the "Roof" of your birdhouse
Lots of fun embellishments
A "Stand" for your birdhouse.

See you next month.

The Girls


  1. Great post, Mom! Loved making the cake plates and looking forward to the birdhouses!
    {Thanks for posting!}

  2. You are all so talented. Love the serving platters Such a unique idea. Hope to see you on the weekend Nancy.