Saturday, March 23, 2013

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome...

For our FIRST PROJECT we decided to make Coasters...
We had seen THESE COASTERS on Pinterest {of course} - and decided to fashion ours after them!

{Recap on the Supply List:}
Plain Ceramic Tiles - Home Depot .29cents/tile {we're in Canada}
Scrapbooking Paper {or any other decorative paper}
Stamps & Inks {we decided to add some stamping}
Clear {spray} Sealer
Foam Brush
Furniture/Floor Protectors {from any dollarstore}
Once you've got all your supplies together - decide what paper you would like on the top of your coasters and cut it to size!
Then, if you choose, add a stamp and/or run the ink pad along the edges...anything goes! ...then let dry.

Using your foam brush apply a thin layer of modpodge to the top of your tile and place the paper on top - smoothing it down until dry.
Next apply your first TOP COAT of modpodge {on the top of the scrapbooking paper} - and let this dry completely - RE-APPLY TWO MORE TIMES, letting it dry completely between each coat!
Now, Mom noticed that hers were bubbling up... 
but, after the last step - they somehow seemed to smooth themselves out.  We decided that it was THE PAPER - and that it is best to use either really thin or really thick paper... nothing in between. However, like I said it did turn out in the end...

Okay, continuing on... Once your tiles are completely dry - SPRAY THEM {outside} with a CLEAR SEALER {we used Pottery Sealer - about $10 at Michael's}

We ended up giving them about 3 coats!
{Here they are - drying in the sun}
For the final step - Apply Furniture protectors to the bottom {you could use cork or felt - cut to size and adhered to the bottom}
And here are some pics of the finished product!
Here are mine {Jazz's}
**NOTE** I used a Sharpie Ultra Fine for the outlining, AFTER they were sprayed with the sealer.
This one {below} is a bit more time consuming, but was fun!
{here is the one that had bubbled!} 
They'd make a GREAT GIFT... just add a tag...
 ...and done!

 {Supplies Needed:}
2 pieces of OLD SILVERWARE {plated is more pliable}
Piece of thick cloth {like corduroy}
Jump Rings
Drill & SMALL Metal bit

Until next time!

The Girls


  1. This is so exciting our first post! This was a fun project; will definitely be making more!

  2. What a great project!! How fun! I love what you ladies did here! I look forward to next month's project! :)

  3. Love your coasters! And that you created a blog for this, I am now a follower:)

  4. Love the coasters. I really can't wait to see April's project the sneak peak looks fun.

  5. I've made these before - they're always a success! Yours look great.

  6. Very cool, and the perfect gift! x

  7. What a great blog idea, Nancy! I love the coasters and that bracelet is BEAUTIFUL! Looking forward to next month's post!