Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A {Very} Pinteresting Day...

Due to some family obligations...we have been a bit delayed on our regular monthly post, so I have decided to post a couple of small projects to fill the void!

I have a slight problem at home - something is invading my house... on the nightstand, the bathroom counter... even the coffee tables. It's getting pretty bad, even the vacuum cleaner has started to grumble!
BOBBY PINS - you know how it is, you wear them, then late at night they ache, so you take them out and there they lie... never to be found again. SO, I saw a pin {from an extremely smart lady} about putting a magnetic strip in your bathroom to store you bobby pins on - I decided to do some form of this, only in a vintage sewing container I found while cleaning out my Grandparents house {this would be the family obligation I was talking about - WHAT FINDS!}
 I cut a magnetic sheet {walmart - kid's craft section} to fit inside the lid of the tin. It was sticky on the back, so that was pretty easy... 
I then went around the house and collected all of the bobby pins that were lying all over the place {makes my house sound really messy... but it really isn't... really}.  Now I have this cute little tin that houses all of my hair accessories... and no excuse for misplaced bobby pins!