Thursday, March 14, 2013

Not Just Pinning Anymore!

 First, lets make introductions... There's the Mom/Grandma, but you can call her Nancy.  Then there are Nancy's Daughters - Season & Jasmine {yes, they are our real names- you'll have to talk to Nancy about that one}...and last, but definitely NOT least, is Bellie {Nancy's Grand-daughter, Season's Daughter and Jasmine's Niece}. 

Now that we know each other - let's get on with our plan... Every month we are getting together and TRYING to complete a pin, from OUR PINTEREST BOARD ... and then we're gonna blog about it! {sidenote * we do get together more than once a month, but for different reasons...} To choose our Monthly Projects, we each wrote down FOUR favourite Pins {for a total of 16 choices}, threw them in a hat and had BELLIE draw out a Baker's Dozen {we figured we'd do two at Christmas}.

So, FOR MARCH {Saturday the 23rd} Ceramic Coasters were drawn.
{This is what we pinned, found at Murphy's Market {ESTY Shop}}
{Supplies Needed:}
Plain Ceramic Tiles - Home Depot .29cents/tile {we're in Canada}
Scrapbooking Paper {or any other decorative paper}
Stamps & Inks {we decided to add some stamping}
Clear {spray} Sealer
Foam Brush

So, now that you have the list, you can GET CREATIVE WITH US!

See you next week!
Nancy, Sea, Jazz & Bellie!

The Girls

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  1. all the best to you ladies.. should see amazing things here.. hugs Bev